Get Rid of Mind Clutter through Yoga in Lafayette, Indiana This Spring

Sign up for 10- or 20-session Lafayette, Indiana yoga classes, or an unlimited pass, and enjoy low rates!

Promo runs until May 1, 2014

When you’re doing spring cleaning, you typically get rid of all the clutter in your home. Clutter is anything that is considered useless now (or were never useful to begin with), like old clothes, old pairs of shoes, sentimental knick-knacks, and others. Clearing the home of all this junk means freeing up more space for new and useful things. The mental exercises involved in yoga in Lafayette, Indiana work in a similar way as you will learn to clear your mind of negative thoughts, thereby allowing positive thoughts to come in.

Now, you can learn the techniques of yoga for your psychological well-being by attending our classes at Community Yoga. You’re in luck because we offer these classes at low rates if you sign up for 10 or 20 sessions. If you plan to practice Lafayette yoga for at least three times a week, we recommend an unlimited pass for only $99 a month! With this pass, you can attend any class you want.

Spring cleaning your home? How about spring clearing your mind through yoga? Contact us at or drop by at our West Lafayette studio.

  • Get a 10-Class Pass for $110 (Expires 6 months from date of first use).
  • Get a 20-Class Pass for $200 (Expires 6 months from date of first use).
  • Get a Single Class Pass for $15.
  • Get an unlimited pass for $99 per month.
  • Unlimited pass can be canceled any time after the first three months.
  • Unlimited pass allows you to take every single class.
  • Unlimited pass does not include special events.
  • The promotion offers discounts to monthly members who want to take full advantage of all the classes.
  • Promotion is open from April 1, 2014 until May 1, 2014.