Yoga in Lafayette, Indiana Can Assist Runners in their Marathon Events

Since the ancient times, yoga continues to help people in bringing the body and mind together into one holistic experience. It’s undeniable how much benefits they can get from practicing several asanas, or poses, in a Lafayette yoga studio.

Yoga in Lafayette, Indiana Can Assist Runners in their Marathon Events

More than just a tool to improve health and wellness, yoga can also be a physical and mental instrument in augmenting a person’s effort in other sports areas. Kristin McGee, an American Council on Exercise-certified trainer and lifestyle expert, reveals how yoga can provide much needed balance in running workouts:

“Yoga and running are very complementary activities. Yoga helps with stability and core strength and opens up the lungs so runners can breathe more deeply. Yoga is great cross-training for runners by working the upper body as well. I have a ton of students who are avid runners and they swear by the benefits of yoga. One student in particular who’s run more than 20 marathons says the focus and zen he finds through yoga allow him to perform at his best over and over again.”

While running can give most people a heavy cardiovascular workout, regularly engaging in it can lead them to a plateau level, something that a lot of runners want to refrain from. They continuously want to push themselves to become better runners and in order to do so, they can engage in other exercises that strengthen their other muscle groups.

Most runners also know that by cross-training, they reduce chances of injuries, accelerate rehabilitation, enhance aerobic fitness, augment power of muscles and develop the body’s movement efficiency. Those who want to complement their workouts with cross-training can visit a Lafayette, Indiana yoga studio for instruction on a diverse set of movement drills. Stretching through yoga can loosen stiff connective tissues that make muscles tense, resulting to less injuries in the long term. Yoga routines usually target specific areas in the body that tighten while running. These techniques can open up, lengthen, and strengthen the back, the core, the hamstrings, the hips and the calves— parts which significantly receive stress during running sessions.

Furthermore, yoga can help runners improve their running form and efficiency, where each muscle group shifts and glides more smoothly. The practice’s attention to meditation and awareness of breathing enhance mental focus and endurance, which are important during marathons.

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