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“Bring your all to your practice. Let your practice be a means to discover your fullness. Be vulnerable, be sad, be happy, be mad, but be there. Just let it happen. Life is about giving, and through giving we receive everything that we need. Let your practice be about giving- give of your heart, give of your spirit, give of your virtue.”

– Rolf Gates, Meditations from the Mat

Why do we practice?  Why do we come to our mat?  Why do we resist it or not make time some days while others we do?  It’s life!  It includes happiness, anger, sadness, vulnerability, and so much more!  We come to our mats as a practice to help guide us through the dark spaces and help us to see the light.  We practice to discover our fullness and learn to love ourselves for who we are in each moment.  We learn that we are not the stories we tell ourselves and our minds make up.  We are not the judgements and ego our mind creates.  We are heart.  We are love.  We are spirit.  We are strong.  We are beautiful.  We are service.

We all change and we grow.  If you are new to the studio, maybe you haven’t seen our recent changes.  If you’ve been with us for a while, you have.  Even as a studio, we have dark spaces and light, but we are strong, we are love, and we are spirit.  We are service!  We are here to provide you the best service we can.  We are here to support you as you practice your way through darkness and light.  We are here to discover our fullness and help you discover yours.  As we continue to grow, we will keep adding new classes and styles and helping to provide services that support us all!

This blog has been on my mind to get going for a while now and the time has come!  It’s time to be raw, to be vulnerable, to be happy, to be sad, but be here.  It’s time to practice and it’s time to give.  And with that we will receive all that we need.

We hope you enjoy the blogs that will be forthcoming and we hope that our studio can be of service and support you as you continue discovering your fullness.



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