If you follow us on social media, you may have seen the picture and quote above already, but it could be new to you.  Either way, you may not know that the majority of the quotes and pics we post are pictures we have taken somewhere and we use quotes that inspire us to be the best people and teachers we can be.  We hope these inspire you too.

We all have obstacles along our path.  We all have difficulties and struggles, but when it comes right down to it, those are our path.  I can’t help but sit back and ask myself if I am my own obstacle at times.  I know I am though.  I can be my own worst enemy or my own cheerleader.  I’ve been meaning to start writing these blog posts for a while now, but every time I went to start or hit send,  I wouldn’t.  I’m not a natural writer.  I’m a counter.  Inside I have a passion though.  I want to help my students and our community to be the best people we can be.  To love ourselves, to be our own supporters, to be our own peacemakers, to heal ourselves.  I have a passion for yoga, fitness, and health.  It’s a passion for healthy well being from the inside out.  It’s not about how many chaturangas we can do or squats or anything in particular.  It’s about getting out of our own way, listening to our own voice, getting in touch with our inner soul, and allowing our light to shine.  It’s time to get out of own way and stop being our own obstacle.  Meditate for 5 minutes a day if that’s all you have.  Allow your True Self to shine through and speak to you.  Accept the obstacles that pop up along your path and enjoy the steps.  Let’s stretch beyond our resistance and our fear, and make a choice to live life to it’s fullest!  I challenge you today to take a step forward.  To move past a fear no matter how big or small.  Maybe you haven’t trusted yourself to put your voice into print.  Maybe you haven’t taken the step into your first yoga class but you’ve wanted to.  Maybe you have wanted to run or bike but didn’t believe you were strong enough or fast enough.  Maybe it’s time for a bigger change, career, love, etc.  No matter how big or small, let’s take a step together.  Let’s share our paths and share facing our obstacles together.

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