What’s the truth for Community Yoga?

The truth is we are here for you.  We are here to support each other on our paths.  We want to know your name and know a bit about you.  When we lead you through classes, we are talking about real life.  We are talking about how to take what you learn on the mat into your outside life.  We want you to know that we are speaking to each of you.  We aren’t using catchy phrases or trendy themes.  We are speaking to the energy we feel present in the room with us.  We want your experience at the studio to be complementary to everything you do outside.  We want it to be unique and worth your time.  We want it to be genuine and educational, yet a sweet surrender.  We want to teach you how to experience your own inner depth and honor the light inside.  We work to be highly trained and teach you the best yoga we can.  We want you to move safely, breathe deeply, and leave stronger and more grounded than you came.  We invite you to have a home practice that can then be strengthened as we join us and vice versa.  We want to be a community of beauty, strength, openness, and support.  We want to be a community that supports you.

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