You may hear us chant OM in class from time to time.  You may hear it in the yoga community at large.  You may be comfortable with it, but maybe you aren’t sure.  We all know that the unknown can be confusing and not always comfortable.  You are never required to chant OM with us, but you are always welcome to.  Chanting OM resonates deep vibrations throughout your body that can only be felt if you try.  Chanting together as a group brings this resonation loudly to us all.  OM represents so much.  It represents totality.   It represents the connection of us all.  It’s the all encompassing vibration of the universe.   It represents universal consciousness or God (if that’s your understanding).  It’s a sound that draws our attention to the present moment.  Chanting OM can mean different things to different people.  It can have different meanings, yet it still brings us together.  We invite you to chant with us if you so choose.  You may be surprised at the enjoyment and vibrations it brings for you.


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