Illusions of the Mind

Meditation is definitely something that hasn’t come natural to me.  It’s a practice that’s much more of a challenge to me than physical postures.  It’s a practice that despite it’s challenges, helps me to see some clarity.  Pranayama and meditation both help me to really gauge what’s present in my heart and mind.  It’s time for me to get back to my seat.  Time to sit and time to breathe.  It’s time for me to check back in and get through the illusions my mind has been creating lately.  Just like Eckhart Tolle tells us, “All problems are illusions of the mind.”  All problems we face are based on our perception which is so often clouded.  Maybe there’s a hurdle ahead, that can be truth.  What makes the hurdle a problem though is our mind.   As I sit, I meditate, I breath.  As I do that, I can see the illusions my mind is creating.  I can start to separate truth and illusion.  I can see what my mind is distorting or flavoring and I can see what the distortions are doing to my state of being.  Once I can see clearly, I can jump the hurdle.  I jump the hurdle and the problem is solved.  Yet, there really was no problem at all.  There were only the illusions my mind was creating.

Point is … take your seat, breathe, meditate.

Take 5 or 10 minutes and help yourself find clarity and free yourself from the illusions and mask your mind creates.

We will all be more peaceful, loving, and joy filled if we do.

If you aren’t sure how to meditate, just ask!  Leave a comment, send an email, stop by… we are here to serve.


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