Where we are…

Our yoga practice meets us exactly where we are.

Our practice is here to nurture, heal, challenge, stimulate, cleanse, and so much more.  It’s here to support us and help us grow in any situation, at any time, high or low.  Our breath guides us and stays with us through all situations we face until we reach our final breath.  In times of joy, do we face the world and ourselves with ego and pride or do we face the world and ourselves with humility.  In times of sorrow, do we face with world with anger and pain or do we face the world and face ourselves with love.  Our practice supports us and guides us no matter what we are facing.  It supports our relationships with the outside world and our relationships with the inside world.  Treat the world with loving kindness and treat yourself with loving kindness and loving kindness is in turn what you’ll receive.  We all suffer and we all experience joy.  We all cry and we all laugh.  Guided by our practice we can do all of these things and everything in between with loving kindness.

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