Lisa Banu, a “wobblyogi,” blogger and foodie, aspires towards mindful living.  For her, yoga helps her frenetic mind, as well as, breathe flexibility and balance into her crazy suburban dance-soccer-gymnastics-blended family-mom-freelance writer life.  In addition to her RYS200 yoga certification (under the guidance of Jacqueline Allen-Magers and Betsy Totty, 2016) Lisa holds a PhD in philosophy and a professional degree in architecture.  She is obsessed with meaningful shapes!  In the vast eight-limbed terrain of yoga, she is most at home in practices where her thoughts can rest on her breath like, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin yoga and meditation.  If you are exhausted by your own racing brain or aching heart, join Lisa, and maybe find repose, stillness and ease, sthira and sukha, together.  Off the mat find her at:

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