Yoga is an ancient tradition grounded in the psychological philosophy of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali–yoga is ultimately a practice of the mind. It includes several elements of practice ranging from ethics to meditation. Our doors are open to all people who desire to learn about and practice yoga to enhance health and well-being. We suggest that those who are new to yoga practice or nervous about the physical side of practice consider attending Yoga Basics, Gentle Yoga or scheduling a private session for assessment and introduction to the foundations of asana (postures) and pranayama (breath work) to begin, although that isn’t required. It is our goal at Community Yoga to offer classes with a diverse selection of practices. We have qualified teachers, each with their own passion and gifts.  Classes are all open level, which means the teacher will give you options to adjust the practice to meet your needs.  In order to guide you to an intensity you are desiring, we are providing a soft guide to the intensity level of each class.  This is just a reference for you to have as a guide for the pace the class will move.   Please read our class descriptions below and visit our schedule to find a class that works for you. We look forward to sharing the practice of yoga with you.



Vinyasa (75°)

Vinyasa – Intermediate

Vinyasa is a fun, vibrant, powerful practice designed to release tension and promote strength and vitality. This class flows dynamically between postures to help you find balance mentally, physically, and energetically.  We end with  a shorter period of relaxation and meditation to balance the mind and the body. The intention is to promote health, peace and well-being.

Slow Flow Vinyasa – Intermediate/Gentle

Slow Flow Vinyasa is a moving meditation that will flow through postures exploring and refining alignment. The intention is to create a space to experience the fullness of practice by slowly merging movement and breath to create a powerful, yet subtle, meditative flow.

Hot Yoga (90°+)

Hot Vinyasa – Intermediate

Hot Vinyasa is a class that focuses on postures that promote strength, endurance, greater flexibility, and cleansing sweat.  Class ends with a deep relaxation.  The intention is to find a balance between strength and softness to guide you into a more balanced body, calmer spirit, and a greater peace of mind.

Hot Freedom Flow Yoga – Intermediate

Inspired by Jonny Kest, this hot vinyasa class unites the breath with movement through innovative sequences and energetic music ranging from “Classic Rock” to “Hip Hop”!  Kate will guide you through a unique series of postures, turn up the music, and encourage you to flow on your own, following your own breath – hence freedom flow!  The music is energizing, electric, and exhilarating, and ironically, by turning up the music it is easier to find that moving meditation (quieting of the mind).  What makes each and every one of us “perfect” is the fact that we are all so different and unique – this class allows you to explore your own journey.

Gentle Yoga (75°)

Classic Yoga – Gentle

Classic Yoga is a gentle practice that will help students connect with their breath and their center. Class will begin with breath work and steady dynamic movement before moving on to static holds that encourage exploration of the posture’s effects. Each class will end with several minutes of relaxation. The intention of this class is to slow down and deepen your practice.

Gentle Yoga – Gentle

Gentle Yoga is a class that is great for beginners as well as practicing students.  The class aims to build strength, release stress and tension from joints, and muscles, and give you time to relax and rejuvenate.  The intention is to make this class accessible to anyone and everyone with no intimidation factor.  Yoga is for every body!

Yin Yoga – Gentle

Yin Yoga is a quiet practice that targets the joints and connective tissues of the body with mindful, long, steady poses.  Class will involve breath work and deeply held poses. Poses will be a variety of seated/floor postures that will be held for approximately 3 to 5 minutes. Props will be used to adapt poses as needed. Yin provides a wonderful counterbalance to more active practices.

Restorative Yoga (80-85°) – Gentle

“The intention of Restorative Yoga is to promote deep relaxation and healing. Props are an integral part of this class, allowing the body to completely melt into each posture. Each week will feature restorative postures, pranayama, meditation, and other techniques designed to calm the mind, release tension from the body and refresh the spirit. This is a gentle, all levels practice.”

Specialized Yoga (75°)

Yoga for Runners

Yoga for Runners is a class designed for anyone (runner, athlete, or not) who wants to improve their flexibility, breathing, core strength, and mental focus.  The physical practice of yoga is used to bring awareness to the structural and muscular imbalances caused by repetitive strain on the muscles and joints used in running.  The intention is to bring balance back to the body through increased range of motion, flexibility, strength, and breath awareness.

Yoga Strength Train

With a balanced dosage of strength, flexibility, and stamina, this class offers a challenging practice that can be as effective as weights when it comes to building stronger, more toned muscles.  Using your own body weight, you’ll experience the benefits of building muscular strength, burning fat, improving metabolism, and increasing bone density all the while focusing on mind-body connection.


Donation Based Classes

Donation Based Classes

The teachers of Community Yoga want yoga to be accessible to all. We create the space at least once a week for a class based on the sacred act of giving.  If you see a class listed as “donation based” in the title, it means  you are welcome to attend the class with any donation you’d like to make. The suggested donation is $10 a class. If you are not in a position to do that amount, contribute what you can; nobody will be keeping track of individual donations.  The recommended donation is not a bottom or top limit. Class passes are also accepted.

Karma Yoga

The teachers of Community Yoga are committed to service and supporting our community.  If you see a class listed as ‘karma’ in the title, it means this class is being taught as a donation of time and space from the studio.  The class is a donation based class with all funds raised going to support a charity or mission we let you know about with each class.


Pilates Reformer

Pilates is a mind body practice that works to strengthen and stabilize our bodies core. The reformer is a spring loaded carrier machine used to do exercises to enhance your pilates practice. The springs can assist with some exercises and make others more challenging. The reformer is doable for everyone.Vinyasa is a fun, vibrant, powerful practice designed to release tension and promote strength and vitality. This class flows dynamically between postures to help you find balance mentally, physically, and energetically. We end with a shorter period of relaxation and meditation to balance the mind and the body. The intention is to promote health, peace and well-being.

Yoga Parties

Have a birthday, reunion, or work retreat coming up?  Community Yoga would be happy to organize a private yoga class for you and your group. We are happy to come to you or have your group come to the studio for a special group class. Practicing yoga builds community and strengthens connections.  Let us help you relax and find comfort and ease in body, mind, and spirit. We will design a special yoga session for you!  Contact us to schedule your yoga party.