Karma Yoga is the yoga of selfless action.

The teachers of Community Yoga are committed to the idea that the practice of yoga has the potential to benefit everyone. We work hard to ensure that anyone interested in these benefits has the opportunity to explore the practice. We do this in several ways:

Free Classes

We offer free classes each quarter. It is our goal to make sure yoga is accessible to everyone regardless of financial circumstances. Check our schedule for “Karma Yoga” events. Be sure to read the description so you know what is being offered.

Community Yoga Scholarship

Community Yoga awards several scholarships per year.  Scholarship recipients receive a 2-month unlimited pass for yoga classes in West Lafayette. If you would like to apply for a scholarship please contact us for an application.

Community Support

Each quarter, Community Yoga donates funds or donates manpower to a different organization serving our community. Students can turn their practice into an act of Karma Yoga by dedicating the energy of their practice to someone in need and/or by making a donation to our quarterly partner. You can learn more about our current Karma partner by checking out the Karma Board in the studio.

Yoga for Vets

Community Yoga has joined with the organization Yoga for Vets and is happy to offer a free 5-class pass to combat veterans. If you are a veteran who has served in conflicts or combat in current or past wars, please contact us to sign up. Thank you for your service.

For more information about Yoga for Vets please visit: www.yogaforvets.org

Community Yoga Lending Library

The lending library is a community effort. Together we are building a library of resources that can be used and enjoyed by the practitioners of our community. Please donate books, dvd’s, cd’s and magazines centered around the practice of yoga. And, of course, feel free to borrow things! We rely on the honor system, so please do your best to return checked out items in about two weeks.

It is our hope that the Karma Yoga programs we offer will benefit the people of this community.

We wish you peace.