We are happy and proud to be offering Yoga Therapy services in our community! Jacqueline is studying Yoga Therapy with Gary Kraftsow through the American Viniyoga Institute, a program accredited through the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT).

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy is the adaptation and application of Yoga techniques (postures, breath, mantra, meditation, visualization, relaxation practices) to help individuals manage their conditions on many levels.

How is Yoga Therapy different from a yoga class?

Yoga Therapy adapts and customizes a yoga practice specific for you and your condition. Yoga classes teach yoga tools (usually postures) in a general way to a large group.  Yoga classes aren’t specific to any condition where Yoga Therapy is.

What are the goals of therapy?

“Yoga therapy treats the whole person, seeking to change attitudes and actions that inhibit the natural healing process, and cultivate attitudes and actions that support it.”

-Gary Kraftsow

  • Reducing the symptoms of suffering that can be reduced
  • Managing the symptoms that cannot be reduced
  • Rooting out causes wherever possible
  • Improving life function
  • Shifting attitude and perspective in relationship to life’s challenges
Is Yoga Therapy right for you?

Yoga Therapy is right for anyone with a condition of any kind. It works best if you’re willing to set aside 10 or 15 minutes a day a few times a week to practice the customized practice we establish for you.  Don’t worry though!  We cover everything and make sure you are prepared and educated before you leave.

What should I expect in a Yoga Therapy session?

Your first session will include a student intake and assessment. We discuss your condition, contributing factors, and more.  An assessment is done to gather more information about your condition and patterns.  We then work together to create a practice that works with your condition.  We will go over that practice and put it together in a format that you can take home to use throughout your week.  We then meet again as many times as you’d like.  The following sessions are used to adjust your practice as needed as well as check in to make sure progress is being made.

How do I schedule a therapy session?

Call us at 765-201-0494 or fill out the contact form for updates or more info on yoga therapy.


Individual Single Session | $50 or 10 sessions for $450

Limited time deal! Four sessions for $135 or 1 session for $40.

Group Yoga Therapy classes use the same class passes as other group classes.

Information above has been adapted from Gary Kraftsow of the American Viniyoga Institute.