Yoga for Lafayette, Indiana Residents Offers Many Surprising Benefits

There’s a reason why celebrities like Madonna, Matthew McConnaughey and Gwyneth Paltrow all practice yoga. According to experts, this ancient Hindu discipline offers a range of benefits, such as weight loss, stress relief and increased energy.

Yoga Improves

However, these aren’t the only rewards that the 20 million yoga practitioners in the country can enjoy. If you’re intent on taking up yoga in Lafayette, Indiana studios, you can also reap these surprising benefits:

Makes You Younger
Believe it or not, gravity is a factor in aging—just look at the way your skin sags as you get older. The same thing happens to your internal organs, as they sag out of place over the years. That’s why inversion poses like the Sirsasana (or headstand) may very well be the fountain of youth. By flipping your body upside down, you can use gravity to restore these organs into their proper position, in accordance with the body’s original blueprint.

Helps People Kick Addiction
West Lafayette yoga studios like Community Yoga offer what’s called the Yoga of 12-Step Recovery or Y12SR. This program incorporates the tools taught in traditional 12-step programs with valuable insights from yoga. Unlike other treatment options, YS12SR addresses addictions as a spiritual, mental and physical disease. If you’re dealing with addiction or addictive patterns, taking up these special yoga classes can help you finally kick troublesome habits.

Improves Your Mood
Yoga practitioners also usually have that so-called “post-yoga glow” after a rigorous class. Why is that? As this article from reports, yoga stimulates the production of a mood-enhancing brain chemical:

“As a form of exercise, yoga impacts mood and anxiety. It is supposedly more impactive than walking or other forms of exercise, because the brain responds to yoga by producing more of the chemical GABA, according to an article published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. GABA, or gamma-aminobutyric acid, is a chemical that regulates nerve activity. People who suffer mood and anxiety disorders may have a lower level of GABA production, and prescription drugs are meant to boost GABA levels in the blood in order to reverse anxiety or regulate mood. A study conducted by Boston University School of Medicine concluded that increased GABA production after a yoga session was the reason behind improved mood and lowered anxiety levels. This finding establishes that yoga increases GABA levels in the hypothalamus, which leads to improved mood and reduced anxiety.”

If you want to enjoy these perks and many, many more, all you need to do is roll out your yoga mat. With the help of a reputable yoga studio, you can pose your way to better health!

(Source: Yoga improves mood, reduces anxiety and depression,, November 07, 2013)