Morgan Kuryla


Morgan began her yoga journey in 2015. Yoga was always something she enjoyed when she did it, but it wasn’t until moving to Indiana that she began to practice on a regular basis. Being a Type A personality, it is not always easy to let go, but yoga has brought a mindfulness to her life that was not there before. Morgan’s yoga practice has allowed her to find more balance and pushed her to be more intentional each day. As a way to deepen her practice and knowledge of yoga, she enrolled in the Yoga Teacher Training at Community Yoga led by Jacqueline Allen-Magers and Betsy Totty in 2018.
Yoga has not only strengthened her body, but created a safe space to silence any anxieties and find happiness in the present. As a teacher, she hopes to inspire others on their own yoga journeys to find the balance of mind, body, and spirit on and off the mat.

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$5 class twice a month, open and available to everyone.

Every Sunday is a donation-based class and is available to everyone.

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