Zoom Fatigue

These days many of us are finding ourselves online much more than we may have ever been!  Blue light hits us in so many ways and we can feel it if we pay attention.  Concentrating on the video for a video call fatigues us in more ways that in person interactions do.  It’s not uncommon to feel drained after a day of video chats.  We can all use a little more balance in these unusual and trying times.  Are you doing anything to create more balance in your screen time?  Here are some ideas to try:

  • Take a break for a yoga snack, gentle stretch, short meditation, or a drink of water between meetings.
  • Gaze out a window into the distance to give your eyes a new scene and a break
  • Did you know you can hide self view in Zoom?  Other people can still see you, but you don’t see you.  Emotionally and energetically we feel a drain from seeing ourselves a lot.
  • Change between audio and visual meetings for more screen breaks.
  • Have you heard of Rose Water?  It’s great to spray on a towel and place over your eyes to help your eyes rest.  This can be done in just a few seconds!   Here’s a link to some great Rose Water.  It’s so helpful in Pitta season.  Rose Water can help to hydrate, tone, and refresh.  It’s also used to balance the mind, heart, and emotions.    Go here for a great source: www.mapi.com/CommunityYoga 

We all need balance in our lives.  Yoga has been life changing for me and I’m so grateful to have an established practice to help me get through these uncertain times.

Stay healthy and balanced.

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Jacqueline Allen-Magers

Jacqueline is a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-AIYT), E-RYT 500, Certified Pilates Teacher (CPT), and Reiki Master. She is committed to the growth and integration of body, mind, and spirit. She works with groups as well as individuals to educate, motivate, and strengthen the multidimensional human experience.

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