Let’s Do an Exercise

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Stretch your arms upward and spread them sideways as if forming a huge circle. Spread your legs widely as if being pulled from opposite sides. 

That, my dear friends, is the scope of the things that are within your reach. That imaginary circle is your personal sphere of control. Inside it is where your powers reside. Everything you touch, feel, breathe, and sense within that circle is yours. 

Outside it is simply not yours anymore.

You no longer have the right to control it nor expect it to bend over your will. 

No, it doesn’t work that way. You’re way beyond the line, right?

Well, that’s where your worries should lie as well.

Keep your thoughts within the frame of your circle. Stretch it as far as you could, but don’t let anything that goes beyond it distract you, hurt you, discourage you, weaken you, or affect you in any way. That is already beyond your control.

What you can’t affect should be deemed irrelevant. Why? Because dwelling on matters that are far from our reach would only keep us astray from what we should focus on: Our self. Our sanity. Our mental well-being. And our overall health.

Don’t let the news bother you. Yes, we are trapped in a worldwide crisis right now but should that put you in a crisis with yourself? Pause. Breathe. Reflect.  Be the calm inside the storm.

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Jacqueline Allen-Magers

Jacqueline is a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-AIYT), E-RYT 500, Certified Pilates Teacher (CPT), and Reiki Master. She is committed to the growth and integration of body, mind, and spirit. She works with groups as well as individuals to educate, motivate, and strengthen the multidimensional human experience.

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